‘I do not feel …hold me tightly’ ( a short story)

‘I do not feel …hold me tightly’ ( a short story)



‘ What are u doing?’

‘ Nothing else, but just reading a newspaper. ..Tell me what do you want to say?’

‘ I am very much worried because of you. ‘

‘What happened?’

‘My director has read the SMS, You sent me.’

‘You did not delete the message?’

‘I forgot to delete it’

‘Ok, now why are you worried.?’

You know it is my first movie, and he is saying that he will not help me in future if I involve in such type of activity.’

‘When it will be released?’

‘I do not know. But….’

‘How much shooting has been done? ‘

‘I have to do one scene’

‘Then do it and leave the unit.. your job is finished. ‘

‘But he will not help me in future. Why don’t you understand it?

‘what do you mean by helping? ‘

‘He will not introduce me anywhere?.. and never repeat me in his next movies…I have only two choice.. Either leave you or him? Do you understand what I am saying ? Try to understand me, because I am very much worried…Do you understand me?’

‘I do…One thing is very good between you and me…Both of us have good communication…and it is best for any relationship…Hello ..are you listing me?

‘Go on..I am listing.’

‘I know all the thing about you, your soul as well as your body. I never thought in that way..It all happened…now do not worry  about anything ..just tell me what is going on in your mind.’

‘You always call me in night, why? it hearts me really. You are not an exceptional man..you are a man like all…whoever moving around me wants only one thing ..that is my body..you too. When you drink you call me, and always in night. And you send me odd sms, one of which has been read by the director and he is angry with me..just tell me what should I do?

‘Oh! You say me to realize what I am. Now I think you are right, I am somewhere inhuman to you. But what can I do? I always maintain  have distance but it is you provokes me repeat the same act again and again. Now I promise, I will never  bother you again. Even I won’t call you again until you say some words..’

‘You are getting wrong point. I don’t mean to it…You do understand that I am worry. I just want to come out from all this…’

‘ Don’t cry please…You are a brave girl…excellent …marvelous…You have ability to do anything …anything…You have proved yourself earlier …’

‘………………… no I am not…you lie…you always lie… ‘

‘I never lie…I always take care of you…You remember those days….Have I ever heart you….In spite of your repeating demand.. I try my level best to maintain distance…But, after all….I am a man…and you are beautiful girl…but I never go against your will…I was always very much conscious about it….and now you are telling such type of words…’

‘I want a good relationship with you….I do not want to loose you… never ….not at all…but our relationship must be changed…I can’t bear it…

‘Ok …Ok…Whatever you think better, you do…I will not come in your way….But whenever and wherever you feel my need …I will be there…’

‘I am going to do the movies silently …and then I will be as free as a bird….I want from you  only one thing.’

‘What ?’

‘Hold me.’

‘Again ?’

‘…Hold me…’

‘ you are trying to trap me…. It is not fair…You know You use me as your wishes…’

‘Hold me…I have given you both my body and soul…enjoy it…’


‘Hold me…’

‘Yes, I do it’

‘ I do not feel …hold me tightly’

The end

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  1. shivendra verma says:

    usually I donot like this type of story. story must be impressive in its message. Thankyou

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