लिटरेचर लव

“A woman’s mystery is like slipping tile” (A short story)

All the time you are not wise, and when you are not wise it is certain you are going to commit a big or silly mistake. Kalvin did it when he said the girl that he was in love with her. Psychologically he committed a big mistake and lost his confidence when his proposal was denied.
For last one two months a hidden chemistry had been taking shape between Kalvin and kriti and both of them unaware of it, although they were spending most of their time together in canteen, in office and in library, chatting …chatting and chatting, different types of chats. She was very much careful to him and he, too, would, wait for her.
It seemed he had lost everything, all his happiness and pleasure. One day when he was sitting in a meeting in the conference room. He was asked to say something over the present problem of newspaper industry. At time Kriti was also present in the meeting among all the staffs. He started reciting the stanzas of an unknown poet….

”Every one is talking to me

The blue sky and the deep sea

I am highly dumps to see

Nothing is important without thee.’

Everyone laughed in the meeting but Kriti. Later she came to him and gave him a paper. And said, read it when I will leave the place.
Latter he opened the paper and see the words written by her
”I want your happiness and smile

I can walk for you a hundred mile

But I keep you away now and while

A woman’s mystery is like slipping tile”

After three days when she came across him he said, I am going far from the town. Last thing I want to ask you. Do you love me?’
She looked into her eyes, ‘Better you ask this question to yourself. Any way where are you going? ”

“I was asked to cover the war field. If life gives me chance I would like to meet you again.’

Latter, she was married to a young man, and he was killed in the war field. The paper was still in his pocket, very near to his heart.

                                                        The end

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