लिटरेचर लव

Some pages of a torn- diary (part 12)

23 August

Today the young boy came to me. He said that he was humiliated by his lady lover. When he went to her house she was in a drunken state. She asked him for tea. When he was sitting beside her she touched her hand, and he started kissing her. She became furious and asked him to go away, but he did not take her words seriously. Then she threw him away saying, ”You are trying to rape me. I will call police.” He was surprised and went away. He was sad today. I asked him not to worry and wait. She would call you. But he had lost his hope.

24 August

The director of the institute of journalism is a dog lover. In her AC chamber, all the street dogs are allowed to sit. He shared his lunch box with them. He is very frank with his students. He always asks the young students, ” How many girls friend do you have?” He is a miser and he accepts it.

He says, ”My grandfather was very miser, he would write down all the details of his money. To him money was everything. I am just following his path. I have more than two cars but still I am using my old motorbike.” He abuses all the political leaders boldly. One day he said to us, ” You all are young and talented people. It is a dangerous era, so save yourselves. All the people who are running the government are criminals. Even the leader of the government is criminal. So just save yourself and wait for time. It is dark a era, no one is safe in this era.

25 August

Shakespeare is very much right when he says, ”Woman ! Thy the name is jealousy.” The yellow eyes girl came to me and said, ”Why you are talking to much to the Muslim girl? ” I said her, ” You have not right to ask this question”
She became furious and said, ”All men are alike, You are in love with her?” I said, ”It is none your business, I can love more than sixteen thousand women same time. If you love me, love me unconditionally. Do not try to control my mind.” She told, ”I will teach you a lession.”

”How?” I asked.

She hold me in her arms and started kissing me. First time in my life I realize the intensity of a jealous woman . Oh, my God! It was a wonderful experience. When she was kissing me in library the professor in-charge came there. For a little while he could not understand what was going on. He was surprised to see the scene. He turned away quickly and complained to the director, who latter told me, ”you are using my library as love spot. Do not worry. I do not mind it. You are young, you should enjoy your life.” But the professor in-charge spread the news all among the students, and I was the topic of hot discussion. She, too, was enjoying this popularity with a little shame. God you are great to bless woman with the jealousy! Provoke jealousy in woman, and I am sure you will experience an intense love, at least I have experienced it.

27 August
I think I have matured regarding girls. When the Muslim girl approached me next time I told her, ” You seem cold.”
She asked, ”Why are you feeling so?” I told her, ”You read lonely lady, it means somewhere you are provoking your mind in this field. A hot woman would like to read loving fantasy.”

She became angry and said, ”Do not teach me a lession. What have you done with that yellow eyes girl in the library? ”
”She was kissing me,” I told her boldly.

”She was kissing you, or you were kissing her?”

”No difference.”

”I warn you, I do not like such acts.”

”I am not concerned with your likes and dislikes.”
”You have been smart after reading Lonely lady! Do you know about organism? ”

”Organism! What is it?”

”So why I tell you, you are still a kid. Go and find out what is Organism? And I am sure, you know nothing about G-spot ,”

”G-spot!, You are kidding me? I said to her.

She went away.

And I am started thinking about organism and G-spot. First I consulted a thesaurus and got some words related with organism like living form, being, creature, living being, human being, person, individual, mortal. All these words did not satisfy me. Even I did not get the meaning of G-spot. This girl is a real rascal. She always humiliates me. What does she think about herself?

28 August

Today I bought a flute. It is a very beautiful flute. But I do not know how to use it. In the late night, I sat outside my Omen and started to create some music. Struggling continue with it, I was able to create rhythmic music. I felt all supernatural powers were sitting around me and were listening my flute. The stars were twinkling over my head, bunch of clouds were coming down, the Moon was smiling whole night. I realized that music was a wonderful thing. Now to me this flute is everything. I do not want to understand organism, I want to flow with music.

29 August

It was very much surprising to me. In the mid-day when I was playing my flute a lizard came very near to. I noticed him coming to him. When I stopped playing the flute he looked to me, and went away. Again I started playing the flute, he came back. I repeated this process again and again, I found the same result. He was attracted to the sound of flute. Really music has special quality to attract not only human being but animals, too. When I tried to touch the lizard, he went away. Through this process, I called him back. Again and again I tried to touch him and again and again he went away. But I did not loose my heart, I was continue with the process. When I touched his head gently, and said to him, ” I am your friend. I will not hurt you….I love you, do you know? ” He did not move. I talked to him continuously, and after a little while, he was very much familiar with my touching. How it is possible? Through the magic of music. I am very honest to say that I do not the basic of music. But who cares if a lizard understand it? I am going to play with the flute whole day and whole night.

30 August

I have draft a letter for the Muslim girl. Content of the draft is this : What is automated Insulated Sndwich Panel ? I will eat a delicious a mango with you, if you want it may be two, depends upon your choice, reader of a Lonely lady ! If you give the answer of this question correctly, you will have to come with Moon then. You go to hell. What is Organism? And what is G-spot? All your questions go to hell. You are neither my professor, nor my teacher. Who are you to ask these question? And I am not compelled to answer you q. You know that I a have friend, his name is Lizard. And for me he will kidnap you. Then I will ask you, why you told me to eat the first apple. Mango is more delicious fruit than apple. We would have been searching the mango together. Do you understand what I am saying ? If do not, don’t worry, come to me, we will not do sin. We will start a new life on The Moon, if you think better on The Mars.
Good luck

Note : I am constantly struggle hard to read out more

and more pages of the diary. Wait for more.

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