लिटरेचर लव

Some pages of a torn- diary (part 8)

25 June

Today a team of an international Budhist organization came to teach us about world peace. All the students had been asked to come in the early morning so that everything could be prepared in a well manner. I followed the instruction. When I came to the institute, a saw a German girl, named Cosy Back. She was the secretary of The Lama (the head of the team). When I knew that she was a German, I started to talk to her regarding Germany. Very soon she became my best friend and said that she wanted to move the city. But her program was to be held, and she had to mange everything. I said her that when the program would start we would leave the hall and move around the city. We acted according to our plan. It was a big gathering. The fat Lame came on the stage and started delivering his lecture about world peace. Both Cosy Back and I left the hall silently. She enjoyed with me a lot. I just took her as my guest. After four hours when we returned to the institutes, I was informed that a F.I.R was being registered against me. The professor in-charge had gone to police station. I was blamed to kidnap a foreign girl. I was shocked to listen it. I met the professor in-charge and said him, ”we were moving around the city. It is not the case of kidnapping. If you register a kidnapping case against me, you will create a problem for the girl as well as the whole team. Tomorrow Lama is going to deliver his speech before the governor of the state, and certainly the press of the city will take great interest in this matter.” He was afraid to listen me and took his decision back. I tried my level best to meet Cosy Back but she had been sent back to Germany. It is sad, I will  kick off all Lamas from my country and kick a leg to professor ‘ ass.

 27 June

Today I went to the round face girl’ home. Five students have been invited by her. The yellow eyes girl was also among them. We sat in her room. She is the only daughter of her parents. I met her mother. She is highly devoted to a spiritual teacher and she believed in meditation. I was fascinated to this woman, more than her only daughter. She said that my eyes were very observing. When I was sitting in the room of the round face girl, the yellow eyes girl sat besides me. She was touching my hand in a pleasant manner. For a little while I felt my blood circulation was growing fast. She read it and said, ”What happen?”

 I told her bluntly, ”You are a hell! Never forget that I am man. You have excited me, What will happen if I start with you?”
”I know, you cannot do it, because you are a cowardice.” she said, looking into my eyes.

All the students laughed and I became angry. ”You go to hell! If you want a man, choose some other.”

 ” I want you,” she said boldly.

”But I do not, ” I said and left the place. They were requesting me to sit there but I did not change my mind. I came out and smoked two cigrets.

 29 June

I do not want to loose my virginity. It has been routed very deep in my mind that a man should not waist his seamen. My father would always tell me, ”Son, if you want to be strong and powerful, always maintain distance from women.” I have never thought of his statement but just have followed it unconsciously. My father was a very strong person. He was a secret agent, and I was highly impressed with him. He thought that he was a good poet, and would always recite his own poetries loudly, laying under the open sky and staring the stars. He would teach me English and Sanskrit everyday but never bothered to send me school. When my mother emphasized him to send me school, he would said ”school is not a fit place for a growing child. Let me think about him. Now he has to learn only languages. If he learns languages, in future no one will stop him to enter into the world of knowledge. All schools are hell! ”

 3 July

My mother was a very beautiful woman. She had curly hair and was very faire. She was the mother of five children. Her two daughters were younger than me, but I was her eldest son, so she would love me most. She did all the households works. She was expert in milking cow and all the agricultural works. My father never bothered about anything. He would eat, sleep and recite his own poetries, although he was an unknown poet. He had a stylish camera, and always used excellent fashionable clothes. My mother was not an educated woman, but my father would talk to her about everything. I love my mother and salute motherhood.

 5 July

There is a beautiful girl in our class. All boys are mad behind her. Today she came to me and gave me some notes and requested me to deliver it to a Brahmin boy. She instructed me not misuse it. Some boys were listening our conversation. One of them said,” This girl has instructed you, and I am sure she does not believe in your honesty. You just misuse this note. I have a good plan, if you like to go through it.”
”What is the plan?,” I asked.

”Just put a letter in the notes and give it to the Brahmin boy, as he is mad behind her. It is his notes. So write a letter on behalf of her, ” The devil mind explored the idea and I was ready to go through it. I asked him to write a letter on behalf of her and he wrote it. The content of the letter was like this:

”Dear xyz

You do not know how much I love you. I always try to say it to you but I could not. When you gave me your notes I decided to communicate my feeling through it. Please understand me and my feeling. Because I am girl, I cannot say more. I am waiting for you today in my home. If you will not come, I will commit suicide. Just remember it. yours and only yours.

The letter was put into the notes, and when the Brahmin boy came I handed the notes to him. In the evening he came to my Omen and started fighting with me. When I asked him what happened he told, ” You had put a false letter in the notes and when I went to her home I was treated like a dog. You are a rascal.” I did not accept it and became angry. I told him, ” That girl is using me as postman, and you have come here to quarrel with me. Both of you are insulting me. Tomorrow I am going to ask the girl. What does she think, I am postman? When he saw me angry, he became cool and requested me not to mention this incident any one. But this news has spread all around the class. All the students are enjoying this story very much. It is hot topic.

 7 July

Today, a new sexy teacher has joined our class. She has a milky body. Her mother is a well-known national writer. During the teaching she is using the materials of ”Professional Journalism.” Today she was delivering her lecture over news. She touched all the twenty six field of news, according to the book, leaving one. I looked into her eyes and said confidently, ”Madam perhaps you are forgetting the 27 point….and that is sex. Sex related stories are read widely. ”

She accepted it in a soft voice, ”Yes, you are right. News are also made from the sexual activities.” I could see an aggression her eyes, but who cares.

9 July

The poetess girl lost her control in the class room today. Her ideal teacher, she loved her secretly, was teaching translation. All the students were defining translation one by one. When I was asked to say something over it, I said, ” I do not want to give my own definition, better I would like to use the words of a prominent writer regarding. According to him, ”Translation is like a woman, if it is beautiful not faithful, if it is faithful not beautiful.” The poetess girl became angry to listen my words and said, ” I was not accepting such words from your side. You neither understand woman not translation. You have to take your words back.” I said her politely, ”Sweet heart ! These are not mine words, a well known personality has said it. Go and ask him to take his words back. But for it you have go to hell, because he is dead man now. To your eyes he has committed a crime, so certainly he is in hell now. So, go to hell. ”All the girls were abusing me. I love all abusing girls.


10 July

I am reading a book named, ”History of Journalism.” I am very much fascinated to read about Tilak as editors of ”Maratha” and ”Kesari” He was sent to prison for eighteen months for his eighteen line poetry, one month for one line. This poetry has been written about ”Shiva ji” This book is giving me a keen knowledge about Indian newspapers, specially the vernacular newspapers. All the students of journalism should go through this book. Tilak was a nationalist leader. Due to him Congress Party had been divided into two parts–moderate congress and hot congress. He was the leader of hot-congress. His ”The Geeta” secrect is a masterpiece work. He was a scholar of Sanskrit. I salute him many times. Unfortunately he was sent to Mandle Jail for six years. Latter, under the leadership of Gokhle, Gandhi came in Indian politic and accepted all the functional objectives and style of Tilak like Swedeshi Movement and non-cooperation. He started Ganpati Mahotswa, even today it is being celebrated all around Maharastra.

 11 July

“The world is against me, the time will come when I teach a lesion to the world.”

”Tell the world Gandhi has forgotten his English.”
”Cesar is the pole star, you can change your place but Cesar cannot, as all the planets move around Cesar.”


”I am myself revolution”

Nepolian Bonapart

These are the immortals words of great men.  My words will also be quoted in future.

 Note : I am constantly struggle hard to read out more and more pages of the diary. Wait for more.


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  1. कौजी बैक से पहले से परिचय है। और लेखक के दिल टूटने से भी।…कक्षा में उस लड़की खुलेआम स्वीकारोक्ति, महिला शिक्षक के साथ जान-बूझकर शैतानी, उस ब्राह्मण लड़के साथ मजाक लेकिन उसके लिए दुखद(यह अच्छा तो नहीं ही था), भाषा पर माँ की बात सब रोचक हैं। अनुवाद यानि ट्रांशलेशन वाले मामले से भी परिचित था। वह ब्राह्मण लड़का जब डायरी लेखक को ‘रास्कल’ कहता है, तब मैंने इस शब्द का सही अर्थ देखा। एक अर्थ यह भी था-

    child who behaves badly but who you like.

    humorous a child who behaves badly but who you like too much to be angry with

    आगे का इन्तजार है।

  2. इच्छा है कि नीचे के महान लोगों के महान कथनों का असर लेखक पर क्या पड़ा, यह भी जाना जाय। खासकर हिटलर और गाँधी जी की बात का। लेखक का कहना भी अति आत्मविश्वास का प्रतीक सा है लेकिन मजेदार। My words will also be quoted in future- शानदार!

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