Chimpanzees Subhadra and Kartik eating khir and Champrass in Patna Zoo


Patna: Chimpanzees Subhadra and Kartik came from Nandanvan zoo here at Sanjay Gandhi Zoo, are being provided delicious khir as well as Chamanprass in these days due to cold waves that have been blowing continuously in the state for last week. They are smart enough to use the blankets like men. Specials beds made of wood have been prepared for them and they spend their nights on the beds having blankets over their bodies. The carnivorous animals like lions, leopards, cats etc are being provided extras beefs in these days so that they can get proper energy fight against the cold waves.  Officials of the Sanjay Gandhi Zoo are busy day and night to save the animals from the cold waves. They consider the food are the best source of energy so a special food chart has been made for them for the winter season.

K.K. Himanshu, the range officer of the Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Park, says, “Proper diets are most important to keep them warm in the winter seasons. We have made a special food chart for them. Everyday we are purchasing 125 kg geef, 44 kg chickens and 12 kg fishes for them. In winter they take heavy diets in order to keep their bodies warm.”

Besides extra foods some special facilities have been provided to them to keep their inhabitants warm. In this regard K.K. Himanshu says, “ Besides special extra food, we have installed heaters for them all around their inhabitants. According to the nature of animals we have taken special attention to keep their cabins warm. For this purpose we are using heater in scientific manners. ”

Snakes have gone into hibernation. In the winter seasons they eat nothing but spend their time in hibernation. K.K. Himanshu says, “ They do not eat anything in the winter seasons but they need proper heat to keep their bodies warms. We are providing the required heat through heater Doing such things we are very much conscious about the air. A special air passing system has been made for this purpose.”

Deers and birds are very comfortable in winter. They need to be protected from the cold wind only. K.K. Himanshu says in this regard, “We are providing them green foods, specially made for them.To save them from cold wind we have arranged plastic cover all around them. ”


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